Here, you can download PDFs of High Grade 2014 and past editions of the journals. You can also download web-exclusive content, like music and fiction, that wasn't printed in the journal.


Mount of the Holy Cross - Robin Hoover
Out for a Ride - Kelly Sonnier

Music & Spoken Word

"Home" - Wesly Atkin
"Every Other Night" - Andrew Hemesath
"Eve and the Serpent" - Logan Maples
"Once More" - Marcos Hernandez Rodriguez
"The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Poem" - Richard Sebastian-Coleman (Text)


Highway to the milkway - Agata Bogucka
Bridal Veil Falls - Patrick Heyboer
An Alaskan Summer - Diane Roher
Saguache, CO - Alyssa Schwarz
Fireworks - Kenneth Sullivan
Serendipity - Denise Beltran Torresday
Released - Hugo A. Villa

Music & Spoken Word

"I Love Walking" - Molly Baron
"My Big Fat Ass" - Emma Ely
"A Drop" - Aspen Davis
"Neptune on My Mind"* - Sujee Park
"Persephone, Again and Again"* - Sujee Park
"Quantum Infinity" - Lincoln Carr
"Fibo_Thing"** - Dustin Burchett
"Square"** - Dustin Burchett
*recorded & mastered by Sonic Conscious Studio with Jason Wagner
**self-recorded & mastered


Fish Out of Water - Wenli Dickinson
"Last night, I kissed a girl. / We were two sea creatures, swishing against one another / a river of chaos, of lips and eyes, / fins flashing in the limelight of novelty." (Poetry)

Processing - Patrick Marshall
"I have a thought; / the quantum fluctuation of ideas / in and out of existence." (Poetry)

The Land - Erin Wadekemper
"I traveled across the barren land for longer than I remembered. I could not even recall how I got there, or why so many others traveled across the land as well. I could only assume we were headed somewhere better." (Fiction)


Ambush - Cohen Turner
Bear - Robin Hoover
The Beast - Alex Sauer
Because the Internet - Blake Beier
Carriage Horses - Alex Sauer
Fog - Jaime Diaz
Gus - Jeffrey Ladderud
Rotund - K. A. Bachman
Sublunary World - Jesse Glover
Untitled - Jessica Burckel
Untitled (2) - Jessica Burckel
Untitled - Clayton Howeth
Untitled - Laine Greaves-Smith
Untitled - Becky Reeve
Untitled - Dillon Stine
Untitled - Kenneth Sullivan

Music & Spoken Word

"Air I Breathe" - No Common Thread
"Among the Chosen" - Dustin Burchett
"Armored Camel" - Sean Dempsey
"Ballad of the Blind" - Wenli Dickinson (Text)
"Cadillac" - The Natural Facts
"Good To Be Alive" - Red Sage
"How Can He Love Her, How Can He Not"* - Emma Ely (Text)
"Judge-O-Bot"** - Andrew Hemesath (Text)
"Macro Phelliyne" - Billy Smith
"The Neighbor" - Admiral Nelson & the Fireballs
"Quiero" - Billy Smith
"The Rainbow Effect" - Billy Smith
"Steel Picnic" - Billy Smith
*recorded & mixed by Krista Horn at the CSM Music Studio
**recorded & mixed by Zak Fitzgerald at the CSM Music Studio


The Things I Carry - Kaelyn Daniel
"A watch, a hair-tie, my phone / These things are never abandoned / I carry a hoodie / To hide my insecurities, / From a world full of judgments." (Poetry)

Mom's First Wig - Brooke Sorenson
"Mom cut her hair short when the baby was born. / Baby’s slimy fingers somehow managed / to bind around her long strands / and tug at her luscious sea of gold." (Poetry)

Used Red Square Pillow (Manhattan) - Taylor Parsons
"I am not 'used.' / I may have been around / the block, or relocated / a couple blocks away, from / your ex-boyfriend’s penthouse on / 27th to this sad excuse for / an apartment up north." (Poetry)

Music & Spoken Word

"Foolin' Myself" - Under Two Tables
"The Sprint" - Kyle Tivnan
"Mines Rap" - Scott Roman and the Conors
"Tough Guy" - Something Cliche
"Grenade Gun" - The Ghoulies
"Winter Improvisation 2" - Derek Hart
"Jalaprang" - Rotund'jere
"The Bends" - Pandapples
"Eschatology" - Asphoria
"Into the Fray" - Monroe Sky
"Hopscotch" - Under Two Tables


Bounty - Benjamin Elliott
"The bounty hunter had been told the details, but not the big picture, as always. The Argevinian spaceport (a large space station off of Argevin IV) had been compromised by some sort of parasitic infection..." (Fiction)

Butts, Meet Roger - Elijah Thomas
"Grimy. Grimy is how I would describe the sewers. The literal meaning of the word fits, and the word feels like the sewers. Grime lives in the sewers. It’s really everything that you come to expect..." (Fiction)

With Fire in Her Eyes - Virginia Premo
"I wake up to a loud groaning of my stomach and a painful lurch, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much of her mac and cheese last night. I roll over to have a look at her, so fare her skin is..." (Fiction)

Medication - Kelsey Kopecky
"Maybe it was all in my head. I mean, there is a lot going on in there with the images, voices, and that damn little yapping dog. I just want to kick that thing. Anyways, I was wandering the halls looking for something to do..." (Fiction)

Man's Head Explodes in Barber's Chair - Logan Gee
"The cops don’t believe me. They’ve taken my blood splattered apron and my testimony but they think I’m crazy. Sure I had a record, but that was twenty years ago. I’m cleaned up. I’m a barber. I help people..." (Fiction)

The 2013 edition of the journal did not feature web-exclusive content.

The 2012 edition of the journal did not feature web-exclusive content.


Grace - Sarah McMurray
"The amount of time mom has spent doing grandma's hair & makeup is incalculable. The same could be said of grandma herself. Before dementia set in, she was frequently to be found visiting the elderly..." (Photojournalism)

Extra Music

"Birmingham" - jKiD
"Everywhere in Between" - The Dots
"Fly Out into the Wind" - Wiedel
"Futurebound" - McQuade


Night of the Cry of the Cat - Fred Fraikor
"Judith Celeste Wasserman sat on a mountain peak sandstone slab, her feet precariously dangling over a cliff that dropped 1200 feet into a gaping mountain chasm. She took a very deep, slow breath of cool air..." (Fiction)

The 2009 edition of the journal did not feature web-exclusive content.