High Grade: Volume 2015


Ambush - Cohen Turner
Bear - Robin Hoover
The Beast - Alex Sauer
Because the Internet - Blake Beier
Carriage Horses - Alex Sauer
Fog - Jaime Diaz
Gus - Jeffrey Ladderud
Rotund - K. A. Bachman
Sublunary World - Jesse Glover
Untitled - Jessica Burckel
Untitled (2) - Jessica Burckel
Untitled - Clayton Howeth
Untitled - Laine Greaves-Smith
Untitled - Becky Reeve
Untitled - Dillon Stine
Untitled - Kenneth Sullivan

Music & Spoken Word

"Air I Breathe" - No Common Thread
"Among the Chosen" - Dustin Burchett
"Armored Camel" - Sean Dempsey
"Ballad of the Blind" - Wenli Dickinson (Text)
"Cadillac" - The Natural Facts
"Good To Be Alive" - Red Sage
"How Can He Love Her, How Can He Not"* - Emma Ely (Text)
"Judge-O-Bot"** - Andrew Hemesath (Text)
"Macro Phelliyne" - Billy Smith
"The Neighbor" - Admiral Nelson & the Fireballs
"Quiero" - Billy Smith
"The Rainbow Effect" - Billy Smith
"Steel Picnic" - Billy Smith
*recorded & mixed by Krista Horn at the CSM Music Studio
**recorded & mixed by Zak Fitzgerald at the CSM Music Studio


The Things I Carry - Kaelyn Daniel
"A watch, a hair-tie, my phone / These things are never abandoned / I carry a hoodie / To hide my insecurities, / From a world full of judgments." (Poetry)

Mom's First Wig - Brooke Sorenson
"Mom cut her hair short when the baby was born. / Baby’s slimy fingers somehow managed / to bind around her long strands / and tug at her luscious sea of gold." (Poetry)

Used Red Square Pillow (Manhattan) - Taylor Parsons
"I am not 'used.' / I may have been around / the block, or relocated / a couple blocks away, from / your ex-boyfriend’s penthouse on / 27th to this sad excuse for / an apartment up north." (Poetry)