High Grade: Volume 2016


Highway to the milkway - Agata Bogucka
Bridal Veil Falls - Patrick Heyboer
An Alaskan Summer - Diane Roher
Saguache, CO - Alyssa Schwarz
Fireworks - Kenneth Sullivan
Serendipity - Denise Beltran Torresday
Released - Hugo A. Villa

Music & Spoken Word

"I Love Walking" - Molly Baron
"My Big Fat Ass" - Emma Ely
"A Drop" - Aspen Davis
"Neptune on My Mind"* - Sujee Park
"Persephone, Again and Again"* - Sujee Park
"Quantum Infinity" - Lincoln Carr
"Fibo_Thing"** - Dustin Burchett
"Square"** - Dustin Burchett
*recorded & mastered by Sonic Conscious Studio with Jason Wagner
**self-recorded & mastered


Fish Out of Water - Wenli Dickinson
"Last night, I kissed a girl. / We were two sea creatures, swishing against one another / a river of chaos, of lips and eyes, / fins flashing in the limelight of novelty." (Poetry)

Processing - Patrick Marshall
"I have a thought; / the quantum fluctuation of ideas / in and out of existence." (Poetry)

The Land - Erin Wadekemper
"I traveled across the barren land for longer than I remembered. I could not even recall how I got there, or why so many others traveled across the land as well. I could only assume we were headed somewhere better." (Fiction)