High Grade is CSM's annual art and literary journal, featuring all genres of original fiction, poetry, photography, art, and music from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We're dedicated to putting the Arts back in STEM, full steam!

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Stratton Hall 413

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Editors in Chief:
Frances Richardson & Richard Sebastian-Coleman
Faculty Advisor:
Toni Lefton
Jack Brinkleman (fiction / poetry)
Dingxin Cai (fiction / layout)
Julia Cormos (art)
Wenli Dickinson (poetry*)
Vy Duong (art)
Jacob Emmel (web*)
Andrew Hemesath (fiction*)
Eric Hildenbrandt (art)
Sean Patrick (poetry)
Alyssa Schwarz (art*)
Kevin Szuch (art / fiction / layout)
Dylan Thierry (poetry)
Nhan Tran (layout* / web)
Connor Weddle (layout)
Xinwei Yan (fiction / poetry)