High Grade is CSM's annual art and literary journal, featuring all genres of original fiction, poetry, photography, art, and music from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We're dedicated to putting the Arts back in STEM, full steam!

2018 Staff

Wenli Dickinson
Kyle Markowski

Layout and Design Editor
Connor Weddle

Layout and Design Staff
Alexandria Leto

Art Editors
Julia Cormos
Vy Duong
Connor Weddle

Poetry Editor
Nicholas Rummel

Fiction Editors
Derek Jacobsen
Katharyn Peterman

Zachary Nahman

Faculty Advisor &
Managing Editor

Toni Lefton

Assistant Faculty Advisor
Seth Tucker

Music Editor
Alec Boyd

Art Staff
Connor Beekman
Ronghua "Andy" Bei
Page Cirillo
Gina Heinsohn
Carolyn Pauly
Annabelle Peterson

Poetry Staff
Aurora Borghi
Olivia Cordova
Manya Gupta
Colton Kohnke
Matthew Kowalsky
Theryn Ridge

Fiction Staff
Bryce Deshazer
Jon Helland
Jordan Newport
Jacob Prouty
Katrina Steinman
Dylan Thierry

Web Staff
Alexandria Leto
Sophie Wildt