See below here for for information about the subject, content, and craft of the work we accept at High Grade.

Translation to High Grade

Diverse themes, voice, and tone


Current cultural threads


Consistent quality

We will NOT accept


Sampling in music

High Grade remains committed to protecting free speech; this does not mean that we will accept any discriminatory work or hate speech

A "package deal" set of pieces - both pieces must be accepted on the basis of their individual merit




Original Style and Content

Piece has intention

Exhibits elements or principals of design:

-Line,shape, color, texture, value, form, space

-Pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, scale, harmony, rhythm, movement


Challenges our perceptions

Invites us into the poem more than once

About the human condition

If plot driven, must have a storyline

If not plot driven, must be thought provoking or carry an emotional charge

If character driven, has strong characters with dimensionality and credibility

Diverse subjects/themes

Something must be at stake!

Economy of language

Imagery/Sensory detail

Comlexity: metaphor/conceit

Diverse voice, style, etc.

Show don't tell

Use language to evoke emotion, does not solely rely on description of events