Volume 47

2023 Edition

Volume 47

Released April 28th, 2023

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The following exclusive pieces of content are not found in physical releases of High Grade and are only available online.

Words from the World by Max Jansen D'Agnese

The Imprisonment of Liberty by Sing Piper

2023 Staff

Tobin Houchin
Dhruva Sogal

Layout & Design Editor
Grace Strongman

Managing Editor
Weston Gary

Genre Editors
Liliah Slaughter
Alex Brunson
Max D'Agnes
Kayla Long
Tiffany Lovett

Faculty Advisor
Toni Lefton

Quinn Hejmanowski
Zach Magloughlin
Landon Brown
Jade Njo
Wenli Dickinson
Kyle Markowski
Dylan Davis

Rem Zhang