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Exclusive Content

Music (download mp3 zip) Stream the 2014 music here!
"Foolin' Myself" - Under Two Tables
"The Sprint" - Kyle Tivnan
"Mines Rap" - Scott Roman and the Conors
"Tough Guy" - Something Cliche
"Grenade Gun" - The Ghoulies
"Winter Improvisation 2" - Derek Hart
"Jalaprang" - Rotund'jere
"The Bends" - Pandapples
"Eschatology" - Asphoria
"Into the Fray" - Monroe Sky
"Hopscotch" - Under Two Tables
Bounty - Elliott (download pdf) "The bounty hunter had been told the details, but not the big picture, as always. The Argevinian spaceport (a large space station off of Argevin IV) had been compromised by some sort of parasitic infection..." (fiction) Butts, Meet Roger - Thomas (download pdf) "Grimy. Grimy is how I would describe the sewers. The literal meaning of the word fits, and the word feels like the sewers. Grime lives in the sewers. It’s really everything that you come to expect..." (fiction) With Fire in Her Eyes - Premo (download pdf) "I wake up to a loud groaning of my stomach and a painful lurch, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much of her mac and cheese last night. I roll over to have a look at her, so fare her skin is..." (fiction) Medication - Kopecky (download pdf) "Maybe it was all in my head. I mean, there is a lot going on in there with the images, voices, and that damn little yapping dog. I just want to kick that thing. Anyways, I was wandering the halls looking for something to do..." (fiction) Man's Head Explodes in Barber's Chair - Gee (download pdf) "The cops don’t believe me. They’ve taken my blood splattered apron and my testimony but they think I’m crazy. Sure I had a record, but that was twenty years ago. I’m cleaned up. I’m a barber. I help people..." (fiction)

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Stratton Hall 413
Editor-in-Chief: Cristina Ochoa
Faculty Advisor: Toni Lefton

Art Editors
Jesse Glover and Frances Richardson
Fiction Editors
Katie Gilchrist and Ginny Premo
Music Editor
Richard Sebastian-Coleman
Poetry Editors
Natalie Boldt and Zach Nahman
Jacob Emmel

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